Lightness and durability

Beecork manufactures beehives using cork and polymeric material. Being a natural resource with a number of relevant features to beekeeping, cork was elected as a first choice material. It is a non-toxic and renewable product, with excellent environmental properties, high durability, lightweight and excellent thermal properties, fundamental feature for the welfare of the colonies of Apis mellifera. The polymers were chosen by their excellent barrier properties to humidity, low thermal conductivity and it gives the product mechanical resistance that is required for this propose. These compounds allow the formation of clustering model and the cork granules, and have the advantage that they can be additivated with flame-retardants and substances that provide protection to ultraviolet radiation. The colonies obtained from the mixture of these two materials have high durability due to the characteristic of both products, enhanced by their mixture. This beehive also has the advantage of not having a metallic covering material that has poor thermal insulation properties characteristic of high relevance to the welfare and health development of colonies of honeybees. The design and development of hives in composite material has been made by people with extensive experience in beekeeping, who intimately know the problems facing professionals in this activity, resulting in innovation that will allow the beekeeper make more profit on the business. This product will improve the production levels and can run for several decades, unlike the wood hives with average durability round 5 to 6 years, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investment.
The bee hive is registered with national patent number 107205
Advanteges of bee hive beecork